There is always one child in the family who would flip the board game as soon as he starts losing. We learned the real meaning of ‘monopoly’ only when this child found it easy to flip the board instead of accepting a defeat. Though these moments appear bitter at first, they could become some of your fondest childhood memories too.

Apart from teaching us how to make peace with an overly competitive friend or sibling, board games can help us learn strategy and even learn languages. Games like Scrabble have helped many kids gain more command over their language, learn root words, prefixes, and suffixes and even enrich their vocabulary with exotic and beautiful words.

Games and puzzles are the best way to improve one’s language. In this way, your subconscious mind also absorbs the flavor of that language. You don’t feel the burden to ‘learn’ something printed on a textbook. Instead, you have fun and keep learning at the same time.

Do you want to sharpen your language skills too? Are you planning to buy a game for a child who is fussy about reading vocabulary and grammar? Take a look at these 5-word games that will certainly be useful for you.

#1 Scrabble

A favorite since generations, winning Scrabble is considered the ultimate test of your language skills and why not? This game is as fun as it is intense.

What is Scrabble?

What is Scrabble

If you love word games, you probably know about Word Scrabble. It is one of the oldest and most familiar games on the market. The gameplay is simple. Each player gets to choose seven letters, printed on individual tiles along with their related scores.

Your job is to make a word, place it on the board and keep adding points for all the words you make successfully. The game goes on till someone gives up or you reach a deadlock where previous scores are counted and a winner is declared.

Less common letters like X, Y and Z have higher value as compared to common letters like A, E and I. You are free to create new words altogether with these 7 letters or chain them to an existing word on the board. Words can only be made vertically or horizontally. Both US and UK spellings are allowed.

Think about a crossword puzzle. This time you are creating it, instead of solving it.

How many can play?

This game can be played with 2 or more players.

How is this beneficial to you?

This game is a real test of vocabulary and spellings where you learn about prefixes and suffixes (such as –ing, -es, re-, dis-, etc.). You also try to score more points by using the words arising out of less frequently used alphabets and thus, you raise your own bar as far as the language is concerned.

#2 Crosswords

Crossword is often found in every daily newspaper, books, crossword apps, etc. It has been popular for years and there are players who wouldn’t care for the world until their puzzle is solved.

What is Crosswords?

It is a grid which contains white and shaded squares. The goal of the participant in this game is to fill all the white blank squares with letters that together make up the word or a phrase. These can be filled either across or downwards. You will find clues for filling up these squares.

The number of letters in the word (i.e. the answer to the puzzle) is also given. Moreover, some letters are pre-filled as well. The simpler version of this game helps you learn common words. As you start becoming more proficient in your language, you get more difficult words.

Think of this game as a dictionary. Only this time, you have to fill words per definitions and explanations.

How many can play?

Suitable for single players but some help goes a long way.

How is this beneficial to you?

Apart from increasing your general knowledge and average IQ, this game also enhances your synonyms and antonyms related skillset. This further extends to improving your vocabulary and other grammatical areas such as figures of speech. It also provides you with more ideas which are not usually discussed in a classroom.

#3 Articulate

This game in our league is quite a different one from the above two games. It will not only boost your language but will also help in spoken communication. It is a ‘speak-and-play’ game instead of a typical ‘sit-and-play’.

What is Articulate?

Often known as the fast-talking description game, Articulate is quite easy when it comes to rules and regulations. One person is given a word and he has to articulate that word to his team members. The only clause is he cannot use a rhyme, derivatives, obvious implications or even the length of word. You set a timer and let the articulation begin.

How many can play?

2 or more players

How is this beneficial to you?

The main idea behind this game is to not only provide you with a strong base of vocabulary but to also let you explain your ideas as quickly as possible to the other person, which is an effective form of language skill and an important component of an effective communication.

#4 Just a minute

What is just a minute

This game tests your oratory skills and gives you more confidence in the language of your choice.

What is Just a minute?

In this game, the player is provided with a topic upon which he has to speak impromptu. The idea is that he has to speak for a minute without hesitation, repetition, and deviation. If the other players spot that the speaker is not complying with any of the above-mentioned rules, then they can challenge him and upon the discretion of the organizer, the speaker loses a point.

How many can play?

This game is best played with 3 or more people

How is this beneficial to you?

This helps you in sentence formation and aims to increase your speaking articulation skills. It’s also useful if you have a habit of reconstructing the same words again and again. This game also enhances your time management skills because you need to present your idea and communicate well within a minute.

#5 Seize the keywords

The last game in our category is Seize the Keywords. This game is one among its league and is an extremely fun to play with.

What is Seize the keywords?

This game requires the use of reading a 10-liner story and memorizing all the verbs that appeared in the specific order of their appearance. You need to be attentive and understand the story well to process those verbs (actions) in a definite sequence. Then all the verbs will be listed at random and you would be asked to arrange them in the specific order as they appeared in the original text.

How many can play?

2 or more people can play the game

How is this beneficial to you?

This game does not challenge your vocabulary or grammatical skills but is more focused upon giving your memory a hit. It helps in creating spaces and fitting the keywords in your conscious as well as subconscious mind and thus helps you in sharpening your language skills.

In this post, we just talked about various games which can be put into regular practice. Playing these games once in a while will surely boost your language and comprehension skills and will provide you a better command over your language.

Feeling competitive yet? Which game do you think is the best for improving language skills? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy learning!

5 Word Games You Can Play to Sharpen Your Language Skills
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