Word Game and Scrabble are one of the most intense board games ever. Though they look like innocent vocabulary games on the outside, they can lead to heated arguments. After all, everyone wants to win the game and there is no way anyone will back down.

If you are a highly competitive Scrabble and Word Game player, this post is for you. Here are a few simple tips to help you improve your Word Game or Scrabble score. If you like to win every time you play, use these tips mentioned below.

1. The Two And Three Letters Words Are Important

Scrabble champions know that small words can help them win big in this game. In fact, learning plenty of 2-letter words will help you in winning this game. Some people believe that 2-letter words only waste their time and it would be better to learn longer, complex words. There is a problem with this kind of strategy.

Firstly, complex words may help you earn points in the beginning but never work as an effective long-term strategy. Unless you’re longer words contain many common syllables that can be used to form different words, you will be at a disadvantage. You could eventually run out of words. Moreover, you may not always have sufficient letters to create longer words easily.

Second, 2-letter words can help you in creating longer words when your competitor’s vocabulary starts fading into darkness. Words like XI, JA, JO, KA, KI are legit words in Scrabble and can be used to create several other words. KI can become KITE and JA can become JANITOR. It all depends on intelligent use of words.

3-letter words are also very beneficial in providing you ample opportunities for creation of several words from one root. These words are perfect when you are creating words with the same root. For example, BIO is a 3-letter word that can be used to create either BIOLOGY or BIOGRAPHY or any other word with the same root.

Similarly, 3-letter words can be used for common prefixes. PRE is an example of such a word. You can use it to create as many words as you can think of without letting your opponents get a hint about your next move. Other common prefixes lie in the same category.

2. Rare Words Are Rare Gems

If you have a good vocabulary, you will definitely score higher than your friends. However, when you are stuck with less common tiles, you could have a hard time in moving forward in the game. This is where rare words can help you. Q and X are common letters that remain unused from your tile simply because you don’t know enough words that start with these letters. However, if you know some words with these letters, you will land a stockpile of score in this game.

XI is a word that is acceptable in Scrabble. It just contains X with one vowel but it will score you better than most other 2-letter words. AA is also a completely acceptable term in this game. If you are stuck with two as, don’t worry and boldly place them both on the board. You will certainly score higher in the game. If anyone has a problem, ask them to check the dictionary and get the shock of their life.

If you want some different but rare words in your vocabulary, try words like EUOI, JIAO, PFFT, GRRL EPOPOEIA, BARRY, QAT, BRRR and PSST. These words are so unique that everyone will keep scratching their heads and probably give you the title of ‘Scrabble King/Queen’ almost immediately. Note that words like BRRR, PSST, GRRL and PFFT are 4-letter words without any vowels. If you have been dealt a hand with zero vowels, these are the words you should aim for.

3. Names Are Valid

‘Name are nouns and nouns are valid’ is a sentence every player says before he offends everyone at the table and creates a row. If you ever played Scrabble as a child, you will have come across a sibling or friend who thinks names are legit as Scrabble words. Guess what? He was not wrong. Names are legitimate but you can’t put every name in the world on the board.

Some names have a meaning and can be considered legitimate. Take GLORIA for example. The name means a halo and can be used while playing Scrabble. You can also try BARRY which means a blunder (sorry Barry). LAURA means a monastery and DANNY means a hand. Just in case you were a fan of the rapper, DRAKE means a male duck (yes, really). Don’t try BRITNEY but check if MADONNA words (it should).

4. Beware Of The ‘S’

If you really want to win at Scrabble without giving an unnecessary edge to your opponents, avoid using the letter S unless absolutely necessary. S can be added to many words just to denote a plural. Therefore, OPPONENTS can be written as OPPONENT. This may make you lose a few points but it would eventually lead to victory. The best thing is that your opponent will not be able to guess your game plan. The same rule should be applied to the blank tile. Use them sparingly.

How to make a word?

You can’t mug up the entire dictionary to win at Scrabble. In fact, people with a good word bank also struggle to find the right word in tense game situations. However, if you have a good vocab and use plenty of words in your everyday life, you could remember a few words very easily. There is a simple trick to do this.

Most common English words follow a pattern- consonant-vowel-consonant. Some may even follow consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant and so on. If you can’t remember words easily, here is the scheme you should be using.

Take the word BEWARE. It has a consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel pattern. In fact, look at the word SCRABBLE. It has consonant-consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant-consonant-vowel. The scheme is simple. If you can’t remember anything, use these common patterns and you will be able to make a word soon.

These were few of the best tricks to win Scrabble or Word Game. It isn’t difficult but requires some practice, some patience and lots of common sense.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Word Game or Scrabble Score
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