Isn’t playing Scrabble with friends a great experience? Regardless of your age, a quick game of Scrabble is enough to bring some intense gameplay home. After all, who doesn’t like to argue about the validity of words with the help of a dictionary? If you win, you are no less of a genius than Shakespeare was.

There are a few tricks that will help you winning Scrabble every time you play. These tricks run from the nifty and useful to the downright annoying ones. However, when winning is the goal, you can manage a little annoyance too.

Here are a few ways in which you can win at Scrabble, every time.

1. Use Small Words

Always use the smallest words to ensure that you are winning. These small words give you the option to make multiple words. This is not all, some small words like XI can even help you score more points than a typical 3 to 4 letter word. Remember, it always works. This is one trick that has helped many competitive players gain an edge over their competition.

2. Get Musically Inspired

Did you know that words from musical notes are perfectly acceptable as Scrabble words too? Use DO, RE, ME, FA, SO to make a small word whenever you are stuck. Not to mention, all these words can give rise to newer and more complicated words in the next step. No one can challenge the authority of these words in the Scrabble game and you will win like it’s no big deal.

3. Focus On Less Common Letters

Did you know that words contain X and Q can actually help you in scoring more points? It will be better to start learning words starting with these letters so you can surprise your friends and keep them scratching their heads. A common person’s vocabulary doesn’t contain many words that contain X and Q. However, if you learn even 10 words for each of the letters, you will be able to make the best of impression and gain high scores too.

4. Note Your Friends’ Expressions

When they first take out their 7 letter tiles from the bag, what is their reaction? Most people will frown at letters like Q and X and be completely baffled when they have all letters as vowels or consonants. These situations can be rare but they happen. Getting blank tiles is also very common. By focusing on the expressions of your friends, you will be able to guess whether they can really make a word out of their available tiles or not.

If you find them confused or frowning, use only the common words of the dictionary. If you find them happy and bubbling with joy, time to make more combinations out of your available tiles so you can use only the most appropriate words. You will learn how to do this practice.

5. Improve Your Vocabulary

This is the easier way to win Scrabble or we have our word unscrambler. It is a word game after all. The more words you can remember, the better scores you will get on paper. You don’t have to mug up the entire dictionary, but you should ideally have a few hundred or at least a thousand words in your vocabulary to make it big. If you are playing with beginners, smaller and more common words will be enough. However, if you are playing with more advanced players, you need an enviable vocabulary to sustain.

What is the best way to add new words to your vocabulary? The answer is simple. You need to start pairing consonants with all vowels, even with Y and then learn words one by one. You can also look for common English root words and then learn all possible words arising out of it. This is a great way to learn new words and ensure that you never run out of ammo while playing Scrabble.

6. Do You Know Other Languages Too?

English has borrowed many words from foreign languages. Many words originate from French while some could have Latino or Indian influences as well. Words like SEPOY, CHARPOY, FAQIR, TALAQ, QURAN/QORAN, BURQA have clear exotic influences. However, they are acceptable in the game of Scrabble and you will even find their meanings in the dictionary. These words were directly picked up/modified from their original exotic words and are now accepted in the English language, even though they are uncommon.

FAQIR is used for an Indian saint, SEPOY was an Indian soldier employed by the British and QURAN is the holy book of Islam. Using these words can really get you far in the game. Note that these words contain F, Q, Y and other uncommon vowel-consonant pairs. Therefore, if you are ever stuck with an F and Q, you know which word to use.

7. Focus On The Trick Words

If you have tried everything else and still can’t win or if the game is at a very tense point where one word can make or break the game for you, try some of these trick words. They may annoy your friends because they are used rarely in conversations. Some of them even sound bogus but are 100% genuine English words.

JO means sweetheart and is used in Scrabble very often by advanced players. Of course, those who do not understand what this means will consider it a made-up word but it is not. KI, KA, QI, EX, XU and ZA are other words that will keep your opponents on their toes.

Want to win after annoying your friends a little more? Why don’t you use ZYZZYVA? Maybe you can try QUIZZYFY, QUIXOTRY, OXAZEFAM, GHERKINS, QUETZALS, MUZGIKS or the infamous SYZYGY.

We should warn you that one of the opponents is highly likely to flip the board over when one of these words are used. So be careful and save them for the hardest battles.

That’s it. Use these tricks and you could be the God of Scrabble among your friends. If nothing words, just take the dictionary and start learning new words. This is the only way you can reach a stage where you can use a word like SYZYGY.

Good luck!

Beat Your Friends at Their Own Word Game in Scrabble with Friends
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